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  • Bring Your Dreams to Life
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  • Know the Game You’re Playing
  • Shine Your Own Way
  • Making Money
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  • Your Work Family
  • Putting It All Together
  • Honour Your Temple
  • Recreating Yourself
  • Overcoming Adversity
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Excerpt 1

I became increasingly frustrated as I franticly fumbled around trying to find my way out of the dark room, thinking maybe I had just heard David’s cries in my dreams.

But then, I heard the screams even louder, “Suzzie, help me, please!”

Seconds passed as panic began to rise within me; I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.
I eventually found the switch and flicked it on, but nothing happened. I tried the switch back and forth a few times, but still no lights. My heart was beating faster now; it felt like I was stuck in a bad dream. David’s shrieks were now eerie and frantic.

Finally, I felt the door handle, turned the knob and pushed the door open. From my vantage point, standing at our bedroom doorway, I could see straight across the narrow hallway and into our bathroom, as the door was open.

What I was faced with was beyond my comprehension. I stood frozen in disbelief as I saw David, my beautiful young husband, on fire, his whole body engulfed in flames, burning from head to toe. This was not a bad dream; it was a living nightmare!

The smell of burning skin and fat mixed with melting plastic paint was disgusting. I wanted to be sick, my gut wretched with a pain from deep within the pit of my stomach.

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Excerpt 2

I stayed by his side for three days straight in the ICU, but there was still no sign of life or consciousness. Instead, his whole body seemed to be swelling and weeping more each day. It was surreal to look at this burnt, foreign body in front of me, knowing that my darling David was in there, buried somewhere deep inside.

All of a sudden I was jolted from my thoughts. There was a loud beeping sound which rang through the room. The machines hooked to David were all going off at once, the piercing sound echoing through my head.

What was going on? Everyone started frantically running around and I was pushed out of the path of the doctors and nurses, away from his side. Oh no, I thought, David was in deep trouble. My heart sank. “Please God, no!” I prayed. “You can make it, David. You can’t die now!”

Seconds ticked by; there were still no signs of breath or life. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the end of our short journey together, but I wouldn’t believe it. I was numb and did not yet comprehend the enormity of this moment.
The machines continued with their noises. Beep, beep, bbbeeeeeepppp. My prayers halted, as I prepared for the worst.

“How could he die on me now? How dare he! How can this be happening?”

Our life together had only just begun. But for the first time since the accident days earlier, I pondered, this might just be the end.

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Excerpt 3

I recommend having twelve-month goals in each key area and then breaking these down to smaller quarterly and monthly goals. Using this process, you will end up with a plan with clear month-by-month goals in each area, so you can develop strategies to achieve them.

As an example, one goal around income generated might be, “By the 31st of December this year, my gross turnover for the calendar year will be one million dollars.” From this annual goal, you can break this up into quarterly goals such as, “Between the 1st of January and 31st of March, I will generate $250,000 in gross sales revenue.” Continue this for the remaining quarters of the year. Based on your past invoiced sales, you will know whether that is a realistic goal to achieve within each period and at that time of year. If not, how could you adjust your goals to be more realistic or what actions would be required to make those goals possible?

The more detailed your goals can be, the easier it is to achieve them. Your goals should clearly and specifically state what you are trying to achieve and generally relate to your business vision. Being as specific as possible, you will be able to see, feel and believe your goals as a reality.

In fact, just by thinking about your goals, you are more than four times more likely to achieve them. This increases by 42% if you write your goals down and a further 77.6% if you have written goals that you schedule time to work on and review.

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Excerpt 4

Being aware of what your optimal financial dashboard looks like for your business will enable you to get a quick visual snapshot of where you are, financially, at any given time.

Which financial reports could you review on a weekly, monthly or annual basis? What financial areas can be assessed to determine your success? What ought to be tracked in order to meet your financial outcomes? In looking at the revenue of your business, are you clear on what you need to achieve in sales for you to achieve your financial outcomes? Are you clear about the different product groups that you have and how much you pay for those products? Are some products more popular than others? Do you pay for stock or labour in every product group, or just some? Which product groups have the most amount of profit, which ones are most popular and who is the target market for these product groups?

If you don’t have sales targets or goals, you won’t ever know if you are operating successfully or which actions are required to be carried out to achieve good results. How, where and when are you going to measure your financial success? How regularly and what metrics need to be measured? Schedule time to assess your prospects on a regular basis and look at what’s in your sales pipeline.

The clearer you can be on what success is for your business and what has to happen for success to be reached, the easier it will be for you to achieve your desired outcomes. Falling in love with numbers can be a wonderful thing.

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Excerpt 5

When you take a step back from your business and look deeper into your personal being, your core self, the essence of what makes you, you, what do you see? Your body and mind play a major part in being fit for business, giving you the energy and focus you need to get up every day feeling inspired and empowered. Being fit for business is crucial to being successful. You will earn more income and respect when your vehicle – your body and mind – is healthy.

Too often, business owners tell me they have no quality of life. They complain that their business runs their life and they have much conflict between maintaining a healthy business and personal life. It’s heartbreaking to see that their business is taking away from their quality of life, instead of giving them the freedom to enjoy it.

Your business and career can make you happy and support your life. If this is not the case for you, what can you do to change the situation? If you are the vehicle to creating your life-long dreams, what are you doing to keep yourself in peak condition?

Your vehicle is made up of your mind, body and soul, and it’s critically important to fuel each element with the things it needs to run at peak performance. Finding the true essence of
your being may not be an easy task, but the rewards will last a lifetime.

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